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ZIPANG PUNK ~ Goemon Rock 3

Most powerful entertainment made in Japan!

ISHIKAWA GOEMON, the legendary great thief representing Japan.

The saga of the historic hero, covered in many genres such as literature, Kabuki, movies, animations and games, is now arranged into a stage performance wrapped in rock music. It is the third production of the popular “GOEMON ROCK” series.


The story, a treasure-finding chaos, evolves in ZIPANG, the Land of Gold. Numerous unique real and fictional historical characters intermingle in fights obscuring the line between friend and foe. It is an attractive stage with songs, dances and laughter performed by most popular actors and actresses of the time in Japan.


The megahit stage that excited 130,000 people in Tokyo and Osaka is now available in movie theatres.



Writer Kazuki Nakashima
Director Hidenori Inoue
Lyrics Yukinojo Mori
Cast Arata Furuta  Haruma Miura  Yu Aoi / Kenji Urai  Yumiko Takahashi / Jun Hashimoto  Shoko Takada  Macoto Awane / Kunio Murai  Akaji Maro



[Film production] E!oshibai

[Distributors] Village

[Production] Village / Gekidan Shinkansen

Genres ShinkansenRX
Run Time 2014/Japan/Color/183min./CinemaScope/5.1ch Surround
出演 Cast Sat.29 March 2014


Sought-after is the treasure hidden in ZIPANG…


In an era of glory established by Tycoon HIDEOYOSHI—


The indomitable great thief GOEMON(Arata FURUTA) conspires with Cat’s Eye GIN(Yu AOI) to steal “the statue of the Golden Eye” associated with KUKAI(monk, founder of the Shingon sect of Buddhism).

However, AKECHI SHINKURO(Haruma MIURA), a young up-and-coming detective working for the government, pushes GOEMON and his comrades to the corner. It is rumored that the statue carries an encrypted message revealing the location of the treasure hidden by KUKAI.

A bunch of crooks are drawn into a whirl created by GOEMON.

SHUNRAI(Yumiko TAKAHASHI), a nun of Tsukumo Temple, who was robbed of the treasurable statue.

TOYOTOMI HIDEYOSHI(Akaji MARO), and his right-hand men ISHIDA MITSUNARI(Macoto AWANE) & MAEDA KEIJIRO(Jun HASHIMOTO), who happened to learn about the hidden treasure.

Even from overseas are coming the archrival MARRONE d' AVANTGARDE (Shoko TAKADA), and Prince CHARLES of BOSCOGNE(Kenji URAI), who sides with GOEMON.

And one last man, HACHIGAYA ZENBEI(Kunio MURAI), a totally corrupted and evil-natured wealthy merchant of SAKAI, joins to nail the deal.


Who will get the treasure you ask me ?

Well, I am the marvelous master thief ISHIKAWA GOEMON!

I’m gonna be naughty and wild!!!