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About Us

What is Geki x Cine?

Geki(Stage) has its own allure.


Cine(Cinema) has its own appeal.


A new entertainment that combined the two is Geki x Cine.

Want to watch stages with friends, which were closed.


Want to watch popular stages, which were showed only in big cities.


But a passive style of filming cannot appeal its thrill.It’s not fun.

Such desires crystallized into creating stages as if making movies.

The presence of stages is transformed into the dynamism of movie theatres.


Close ups of sweaty actors’ faces,

Clear and powerful sound,

Versatile angles filmed with multi-cams,

And the reality that evolved from the heated live performances.


That is how scenes of stages are materialized in unprecedented style of films.


An entrance to the world of stage.

Enjoy energetic acting of favorite actors.

Broaden friends’ view on the charm of stages.

And broaden the horizon of Japanese stages to the world.


Enjoy the entertainment of a new kind that nobody has yet experienced.