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Siren in the Shadows』 

Official Selection: 2019 SITGES International Film Festvial, Noves Visions in competition!


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Siren in the Shadows

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Siren in the Shadows


The latest film by the theatre company GEKIDAN SHINKANSEN.

The sell out hit title comes to the screen as an all new hybrid entertainment!!

『Siren in the Shadows』Official Selection: 2019 SITGES International Film Festvial, Noves Visions in competition!


Writer Kazuki Nakashima
Director Hidenori Inoue
Cast Yuki Amami / Seiji Fukushi  Ryo Ryusei  Kurumi Shimizu / Hiroki Miyake  Akira Yamamoto  Zen Kajihara / Arata Furuta




[Film production] Jingu507

[Distributors] Village

[Production] TBS/Village INC.

Run Time 2019/JAPAN/COLOR/127min/5.1CH Surround
出演 Cast TBA


A beauty who appeared in the Kanto wilderness, a Geisha Gokuraku Tayu (Yuki Amami). She was once the most credible and beloved sniper of Nobunaga Oda.


The Kanto Skulls led by Tenmaoh (Arata Furuta) who hides his face in the mask of a Skull builds the impervious Skull castle and casts a supremacy over the Kanto area in order to obstruct the unification of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and spreads its presence.


Tayu who saves Sagiri (Kurumi Shimizu), a girl of Kumaki clan who is chased by the Skulls, goes to Mukai village with the help from Hyogo (Seiji Fukushi) who is the head of the Daredavils of Kanto clan. Because it serves as a post, various sorts including travellers, poorly dressed folks like Zenzo (Zen Kajihara), people with various backgrounds go in and out. The most popular Geisha, Yumesaburo (Ryo Ryusei) was running this village.


There is a vagabond named Jiroemon Mamiana (Akira Yamamoto) who awaits for Tayu, who offers the job to assassinate Tenmaoh. The true identity of Jiroemon is Ieyasu Tokugawa. He was close with Tayu through Nobunaga. Hideyoshi had started to march with an army of 200,000 to defeat of Tenmaoh. Tayu was riding on a plan to defeat Tenmaoh before the Great War in Kanto. Part of the plan, Tayu sends Sagiri to a gunsmith, Gantetsusai and his disciple Kantetsu (Hiroki Miyake). to pick up a preordered gun that pierces the invincible armour.


Tenmaoh who learns that Tayu was set off to assassin him, decides to reveal his face in front of Tayu by taking his mask off. His face was that of Nobunaga Oda.

"You are Lord of Nobunaga's revenge." When Tayu pointed the gun, Tenmaoh told the surprising truth.


A woman who goes the way of a Asura and a man who wants to create a world of Tenma. The past between the two people catches up and starts ticking again...