A masterpiece of rock musical, citing historical facts, excited 70,000 people.

A Rock musical produced by SHINKANSEN.


A book based on Shiro Amakusa, a Christian masterless samurai (rōnin), led an uprising of peasants and Christians in the Shimabara Peninsula of Kyushu as historical-fiction.

The historical fact has been transformed into a story with a universal theme through bold creativity and evolves in a magnificent scale with the help of soulful music comparable to the “song of God”.


The stages through December 2004 to January next year have attracted 70,000 theatergoers and grabbed the first place in many domestic entertainment rankings of 2004. Every time the stage was put on, more fans came back and resulted in long queue in front of the theatre. It really enjoyed enthusiastic support.


Writer Kazuki Nakashima
Director Hidenori Inoue
Cast Akinori Nakagawa Takaya Kamikawa Yumiko Takahashi Kyoko Chihiro Otsuka Shoko Takada Jun Hashimoto Jun Uemoto Macoto Awane Keigo Yoshino Yohei
Izumi Narushi Ikeda Natsuko Akiyama Toru Emori



[Film production] E!oshibai

[Distributors] Village

[Production] Toho / Village

Genres ShinkansenRX
Run Time 2005/Japan/Color/197min./5.1ch Surround
出演 Cast Sat. 30 Aug 2005


One, having the voice of God, but did not know to sing for the people

One, loosing the voice of God, but did try to guide the people.


In 1637, in resistance to heavy taxes and the prohibition of Christianity, when Iemitsu Tokugawa was the third shogun of the Tokugawa dynasty.

At that time, there were two men named Shiroh who Surviving different town.

Shiroh of Amakusa, who protected the treasure left by his late father in a wrecked trading ship. His songs had something miraculous to manipulate peoples mind.

Another Tokisada Shiroh Masuda of Shimabara. He was blessed with mystic power since his childhood, but has lost its power of miracle making triggered by an incident.

A man with the voice of God, and a man waiting for a voice of God.

When these two Shirohs meet, outcries of 37,000 people become the song of God.