2023 is the year of come back!

GekixCine brings you the new Edo period action packed entertainment full of songs, drama and comedy starring Sota Fukushi (BLEACH the movie, THE HEAD {hulu}) and Mamoru Miyano (Animes: Deathnote, Uta no Prince sama, HunterxHunter ) .



Writer Kazuki Nakashima
Director Hidenori Inoue
Cast Sota Fukushi/ Yasuko Matsuyuki, Masahiro Takashima / Macoto Awane, Ryo Kimura, Hazuki Shimizu / Mamoru Miyano




[Film production] Jingu507

[Distributors] Village

[Production] Village / Gekidan Shinkansen

Run Time 2023 / Japan / Color /176min./5.1ch
出演 Cast TBA




End of the Edo period,

near the Port Shimizu in Suruga county.


The gang bosses of the Suruga Koshu area, gathered at a tavern to greet the infamous chivalry Jirocho of Shimizu who has just recovered from severe injuries.


There, stood a suave fella who was greeting each of the bosses. It was the “Go-between” Soga (Mamoru Miyano) who earns his pennies with his smooth talks. He had ideas to target the fruit of the Jirocho clan so he offers to help Komasa, the underling boss. It was to find Nagaru Akitsu( Sota Fukushi), the doctor who cured Jirocho’s injuries. Soga, together with Komasa and Oomasa heads out to find and invite back the savior, Nagaru. 


At the tatami sitting area, Jirocho is celebrating his recovery surrounded by the Bosses. There an upcoming newbie, Dakatsu Mido (Masahiro Takashima) butts in to promote himself with his wife Uruha (Yasuko Matsuyuki), son Kyosuke (Ryo Kimura) and daughter Ageha (Hazuki Shimizu).


Their rude entry triggers anger from the Bosses but suddenly they collapse feeling severe pain. Jirocho felt a sting in the neck and grabs something only to find a scorpion. The family kills all the Bosses with a rare venomous creature, steals their land and cunningly disappears. Nagaru arrives at the scene just in time to save Jirocho with an antidote he had on him. 


Meanwhile, Soga goes on a look out and bumps into Kyosuke. Kyosuke looks exactly like his childhood friend but he doesn’t recognize him, which triggers some suspicion.

The ones who handles a rare venomous creature… A guy who looks identical to a friend from the past…

To dig into the mysterious Mido family, Nagaru and Soga makes their way to the “Burai” town in the midst of Fuji plain where the Midos lived.

The town built by Uruha and Ageha was a roudy ghetto like place yet with a mix of dazzling glamour.

The bold and ruthless Dakatsu, bets on a lifetime gamble to buy human life with money. The mysterious beauty Uruha, with her bizarre Voodoo, Kyosuke, who draws a sword at Soga and what of the hidden past between Ageha and the family aide, Senosuke Fuuten (Macoto Awane)


Nagaru and Soga, drawn into the knavish havoc created by the Midos. 

Everyone’s fate starts to unravel but no one has yet to realize they will all face a plot that could change the future of the Rising sun.