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『Fortress of Skulls』 

Official Selection: 2018 SITGES Film Festival, Noves Visions in Competition! 


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Fortress of Skulls

The latest film by the hit theatre company,GEKIDAN SHINKANSEN.

The sell out title set on the theater with 360 degrees audience rotating platform "Stage Around” comes to the screen as a hybrid entertainment!!

『Fortress of Skulls』 is officially selected for 2018 Sitges Film Festival-Noves Visions Section in Competition!!



Writer Kazuki Nakashima
Director Hidenori Inoue
Cast Kenichi Matsuyama  Osamu Mukai  Rena Tanaka / Jun Hashimoto  Takaya Yamauchi  Yukino Kishii / Katsuhisa Namase




[Film production] Jingu507

[Distributors] Village

[Production] TBS/Village INC.

Run Time 2018/JAPAN/COLOR/138min/5.1CH Surround
出演 Cast TBA


Early 1590, after the death of the ruler Oda Nobunaga, the Land was taken over by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Far away from the capital in the Eastern Plain, a mysterious rebel by the name of “Tenmao” was gathering momentum for a civil war with its Skull Corps.

One day in the plain fields a lone girl “Sagiri” is chased and cornered by the Skull Corps. She tries to fight them off in vale, is saved by a bunch of rowdies and a passing vagabond, “Sutenosuke”. Wounded from the attack, Sagiri is taken to a nearby brothel town Mukai village.

Mukai village serves as a post town between the capital and the eastern plain. It is always busy as its open to everyone to come and go as they please. The village, run by the top geisha, “Gokuraku Tayu” and “Ranbei”. 

All sorts swing by including a ronin samurai by the name of “Mamiana Jiroemon”. When Sutenoske, Jiroemon and Ranbei all come together in the middle of the town, a strange moment passes hinting some kind of a history between them. 


The stage is set with everyone having their own agenda. What hides behind the relationship between them all and how will the civil war unravel?